Do you have a 1988 to present SeaDoo and having trouble replacing the MPEM? You're not alone because SeaDoo changes every model which makes them hard to come by, and when you do, some can cost nearly $2000.

Here there is a great alternative! We convert it which is much easier than finding a new MPEM. This is cheaper then replacing the MPEM and if you have future issues, it is much easier to replace. Also, twin engine SeaDoo models use two MPEMs, which means if an issue arises with the ignition on one motor, you only need to replace one MPEM. Riders have had ignition issues on 1995, 1996 and 1997 Challenger 1800. It's more common than it should be and knowing they are separate means not replacing the entire expensive module.

The conversion is easy, just about anyone can install and get the SeaDoo up and running with this conversion in as little as 10-minutes. No wiring is needed, the connectors match up to replacement MPEMs, so if there is a problem, it is a Plug And Play replacement solution.
Call To Order: We provide expert service and confirm you have everything needed. Next, we email the invoice and ship the same day free in the USA.
We carry ONLY fresh water OEM new and used SeaDoo parts 1988 to present including MPEMs, variable trim system (VTS), jet pump housing, crankshafts, water regulators, hoods, props, seats, LCD, multi function gauges, ECU, ECM, VCM, rave valves, exhaust hoses, oil tanks, gas tanks, fuel modules, fuel pumps, pump nozzles, exhaust hoses, exhaust baffles.
Warning: There is a down side to the conversion and that is the neutral safety switch must be bypassed to complete the conversion. We cannot be held liable in any way for accidents due to bypassing the neutral safety switch. On the SeaDoo Challenger 1800, the low fuel warning system is also disabled.
NOTE: We only convert 1997 and older SeaDoo MPEMs. Panel style MPEM models 1998 and newer can not be converted due to SeaDoo's proprietary 26-Pin connectors. If your good at cutting, splicing and connecting wire, buy the SeaDoo grey style E boxes and we'll provide support to get the job done, but it’s not easy.

MPEM Pricing: Unfortunately due to fluctuations in availability of MPEMs, MPEM parts and options, we can not list a price for each MPEM. Please call Nick or Jess to get your specific SeaDoo MPEM price.  

MPEM Bench testing: Many shops and SeaDoo dealers blame the MPEM and try to sell you a new one or expensive part. SeaDoo didn't sell equipment for testing, so it's more of a trial and error operation. Also, many MPEMs will not work on 2-Stroke engines, we can’t tell you how many times we have saved customers money from allowing a shop to make this costly mistake!
OEM SeaDoo core engine parts engine cases, pistons, cylinders, heads, crankshafts, head assembly, main bearing kits, ignition coils, wire harness, valve covers, intake valve, counter balance shaft, flywheels, stator, male connector adapters, camshafts.