seadoo mpem ecu dess key programming mpems

Dess Key Programmer

seadoo mpems ecu programming

4-Stroke ECU Program $80

seadoo mpem ecu lcd test repair

4-Stroke Marry LCD and ECU

seadoo mpem ecu lcd key program

Marry IBR to ECU, ECM, LCD

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EBay Junk Keys LY-001

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Amazon Junk Key LY-001

MPEM Dess Key Programming

Why pay more for less service and the same MPEM?  All we need is the MPEM to Dess program the key and the Sea Doo Dealer requires the whole Sea Doo. If you're far from a Sea Doo Dealer or want to save money, keep reading!

We program ANY 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke 4TEC Sea Doo MPEM including GTX, GTI, XP, ECM, ECU, RFI, DI and more! We write down the hours stored, serial numbers and engine timing for reference and all work is fully guaranteed.

2-Stroke Dess Key Program Rates.
$35 plus shipping to program the first MPEM.
$20 for each additional MPEM shipped together.

4-Stroke Dess Key Program Rates.
$80 plus shipping. We read and clear fault codes, read and reset the service clock. The service fee is not refundable and, in the event programming fails, we'll list the options and return all equipment including MPEM, ECU, LCD for the cost of shipping. For example, an ECU can be working but not have the communication capability to program a key.

4-Stroke IBR marriage ECU, ECM, VCM, LCD Rates.
$120 for IBR marriage when all parts are shipped. Save $100 or more in Sea Doo Dealer costs by purchasing a used OEM IBR, ECU, ECM, VCM or LCD from us and having the marriage done at the same time!

NOTE: Since 2007, Sea Doo's require IBR and LCD marriage to ECU or vice versa, so making the purchase and marriage at the same time saves money.  

Key Rates:
Free for the first supplied key.
$5 for each additional supplied key.
$40 each for new aftermarket key.
$55 each for new OEM keys.

For example, if you send 3 MPEMs to program, supply 2 keys, and purchase 1 aftermarket key. $35 + $20 + $20 + free + $5 + $40 = $120 plus return shipping.

If you own multiple Sea Doo's, we can program one key for all Sea Doo's. Each MPEM can handle up to 8 keys, but a single key can be programmed to many Sea Doo's. That means if you have 4 Sea Doo's, we can Dess program them ALL to use the same key. No swapping or replacing keys when switching Sea Doo's, just hop on and go!

If you're having issues with a MPEM, we charge a $20 diagnostic fee and waive if you purchase a replacement with us. In these cases, it's best to call first to troubleshoot over the phone. Please note: If the MPEM, ECU or LCD is dead, I will call you to discuss the options. FYI, testing, repair, and replacement for CDI Spark is currently not available.

Call or text for expert service, we confirm you have everything needed, email the invoice and ship the same day free in the USA.

When shipping your MPEM, please include:
*completed MPEM Service Form, or info written on paper.
*2002 and newer models, a Picture of the Title, email or print.
*purchase insurance and tracking ID.
*include packaging inside to prevent part movement.
*we are not responsible for lost or damaged parts.

NOTE: There is a $10 per month late charge after 30-days without payment. We do not want your MPEM, but expect payment within 30-days for service you requested. After 3-months without payment, the MPEM will unfortunately be forfeited.

LASTLY: We only guarantee new OEM keys and the Atlantis Keys. We do not guarantee used keys or aftermarket junk keys LY-001 offered by EBay and Amazon (see pictures on left column of this page).