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SeaDoo Operation Guidelines

Before getting in the water.
•    Make sure the drain plugs are in.
•    Check oil and gas level; run 93 Octane, Amsoil full synthetic 2-cycle oil.
•    Good oil is important, use Amsoil.

•    93 Octane is the best and the SeaDoo will run better. If possible, use non oxygenated gas without ethanol, for example, 91 non-oxygen is equal to 93 oxygen.
•    Start the SeaDoo out of water and run for 10-seconds and then stop. This makes it easier to start in the water and increases the life of battery and starter.
•    Warm up the engine by using low RPMs for 5-10 minutes, then ride it like you stole it!
After pulling out of water.
•    Pull drain plugs out.
•    Start the SeaDoo, throttle 4-times for less than 15-seconds. This will get the water out of the exhaust system, prevent moisture and surface rust on the engine.
•    Turn the gas off.
•    On the drive home, pull the seat cover & hood to air out the engine bay.
•    At home, spray fog oil into the cylinders and carburetor, if possible.
•    Every 3-times, grease the PTO and seal bearing carrier, if applicable.
•    Do not over grease! Just enough to see some come out of the drive shaft.
•    If your not going to ride for over a month then follow the SeaDoo Winterizing steps.
Beware aftermarket SeaDoo Mpems.    
We have talked to hundreds of customers who tell us about the issues they had with brand new aftermarket MPEMs. DOA, running issues and many other failures within the first 12 months. We have heard horror stories about companies blaming your SeaDoo and refusing a refund or return. We feel so strongly about aftermarket MPEMs that when we receive them, they go directly into the trash. Not only do we refuse to stock new ones, we won’t even keep or sell used ones. Summer is too short, stay on the water by avoiding aftermarket MPEMs.
We carry fresh water only OEM used SeaDoo parts from 1988 to present: MPEMs, variable trim system, VTS, jet pump housing, crankshafts, water regulators, hoods, props, seats, LCD, multi function gauges, ECU, ECM, VCM, rave valves, exhaust hoses, oil tanks, gas tanks, fuel modules, fuel pumps, pump nozzles.

SeaDoo OEM engine parts: engine cases, pistons, cylinders, heads, crankshafts, head assembly, main bearing kits, ignition coils, wire harness, valve covers, intake valve, counter balance shaft, flywheels, male connector adapters, camshafts.
Riding the SeaDoo:
•    If you are falling, let go of the bars, this will keep the SeaDoo from rolling upside down. If the SeaDoo does roll upside down, be sure to roll the correct direction by viewing the sticker on the back. Rolling the wrong way can get water in the motor.

•    If water gets in the motor, it must be taken care of within 24-hours, failure to do so will wreck the motor!
•    Do not tow a SeaDoo in the water more than 5-minutes without pinching off the water inlet line. Failure to do so will fill the exhaust and the motor with water.
•    MPEMs are fragile electronics, we recommend not using a booster charge greater than 50-amp to start the SeaDoo. We also refrain from using jump packs or jumping off other SeaDoo's unless it’s the only choice.
Winterize your SeaDoo.
•    Start the SeaDoo, spray fog oil into the intake until exhaust becomes smoky, less than 30-seconds. Do not over heat the motor, but the more fog oil the better.
•    Pull the spark plugs out, spray fog oil into each cylinder for 15 seconds, then turn the SeaDoo motor for half a second to move the pistons up and down. Put the spark plugs in.
•    If you live in below freezing weather, be sure to flush all water out of the cooling system and ad some anti freeze back to the cooling system.
•    If water freezes in the SeaDoo motor, it can crack the block and cylinders.
•    Pull the battery and charge at 2-amps or below once a month until taking the SeaDoo out for it first run of the year.
•    Add a cap of fuel stabilizer in the gas tank, ¼ of what the bottle tells you to use.
We test all SeaDoo MPEM functions and program the key(s) right before it goes into the box to ship. Our Seadoo MPEM's, like all of our parts, are guaranteed to be in full working order or your money back! We love and support the sport, the SeaDoo Brothers Jess in the Ozarks and Nick in Wayzata provide expert SeaDoo MPEM service, test and repair.
Call or Text for expert service, we make sure you have everything, email invoice and ship same day free in the USA.

When Shipping MPEMs;
*complete the MPEM Service Form or write info on paper and include.
*for 2002 and newer models, Picture of the Title, print or email.
*purchase insurance and tracking ID.
*include packaging to protect parts.
*we are not responsible for lost or damaged parts.
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Westside Powersports Used Seadoo MPEM. All rights reserved 2004.
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