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seadoo mpem ecu lcd test repair

SeaDoo MPEM Test, Repair and Sales. SeaDoo MPEMs, ECU, LCD, ECM, VCM guages & Dess key programming.

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Since 2004, Westside Powersports for SeaDoo MPEM testing, repair and new sales with Dess key programming for any MPEM, ECU, LCD, ECM, VCM and IBR. We are your one-stop shop for all OEM SeaDoo MPEM parts from 1988 to present. All parts are fresh water only, shipped free in the USA and guaranteed to be in full working condition or your money back.
SeaDoo ECU Testing, Repair & IBR Marriage. Why spend $1200 if the ECU can be repaired? If you ship the ECU to us, we'll computer test all functions and restore all operations with a new flash tune. If the ECU is defective, you can apply the repair charge to a new purchase and we'll return the old ECU.

Dess Key Program any 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke SeaDoo MPEM. Spark, Challenger, Challenger 1800, Challenger 4-TEC Speedster, Speedster SK, Speedster 1800, Speedster 4TEC, Sportster, Sportster LE, Sportster 1800, Sportster 4TEC, Utopia, Bombardier and more. All SeaDoo MPEM functions are comprehensively tested for quality control.

Call or Text for expert service, we confirm you have everything needed, email the invoice and ship the same day free in the USA.

When shipping the MPEM, please include:

*completed MPEM Form or write the info on paper.

*2002 and newer must include a picture of the Title (text or email).

*please purchase insurance and tracking.

*use packaging to prevent movement and damage.

*we are not responsible for lost or damaged parts.

"I bought a MPEM, it was shipped quickly and worked perfectly. Great experience overall and no issues." Tim Berland   <Read more Reviews>

Beware of aftermarket SeaDoo MPEMs. We have talked to many customers about brand new aftermarket MPEMs being dead on arrival with running issues and other failures. We hear horror stories of companies blaming your SeaDoo and refusing a refund. Seriously, we put all aftermarket MPEMs directly in the trash! Summer is too short, avoid aftermarket MPEMs.
SeaDoo Repair in Lake Ozark. We provide expert BRP certified mechanics for in-shop and mobile SeaDoo repair and Lake Ozark Winterization. By appointment only, we repair any SeaDoo 4-stroke 4TEC engine (fresh water only). Please call to discuss, confirm and schedule service.
Fresh water OEM used SeaDoo parts; MPEMs, VTS variable trim system, crankshafts, jet pump housing, water regulators, hoods, props, seats, LCD, ECU, ECM, VCM, rave valves, stators, exhaust hoses, oil tanks, gas tanks, fuel modules, fuel pumps, exhaust hoses, exhaust baffles pump nozzles. We say it time and time again, OEM OEM OEM is 1000% better than aftermarket SeaDoo MPEMs. All parts are guaranteed to be in full working condition or your money back.
Parts for all models from 1988 to present; Bombardier, Challenger, GTI, GTX, GTX 4TEC, RXP, RXP X, RXT, RXT-X, Spark, Speedster, Sportster, Sportster LE DI, Utopia SE, WAKE, XP, XP DI.
OEM SeaDoo engine cases, pistons, cylinders, heads, crankshafts, head assembly, main bearing kits, ignition coils, wire harness, valve covers, intake valve, flywheels, counter balance shaft, camshafts male connector adapters. All parts are guaranteed to be in full working condition or your money back.
Westside Powersports Used Seadoo MPEM. All rights reserved 2004.
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