SeaDoo Spark Tune

Westside Powersports for expert high performance tuning to maximize the power output of your SeaDoo Spark. There are no modifications, we flash tune the ECU on SeaDoo Spark 60 HP and 90 HP models.
Why performance tuning to your SeaDoo Spark? Faster acceleration with improved throttle response, higher RPM limit and Unlock Sport Mode are great reasons for a performance tuning. There is no change in fuel efficiency or engine reliability.
ECU tuning also includes;
  • Clear Engine Codes
  • Reset Security Coding
  • Reset Maintenance Records
  • Review RPM Rev Limit and History
  • DESS Program Key(s)
We recommend 93 Octane fuel combined with Amsoil full synthetic oil. All SeaDoo's including Spark run better on 93 Octane, and if possible, use non oxygenated gas without ethanol. For example, 91 non-oxygen is equal to 93 oxygen.
Shipping: package carefully and include Name,  return Address and Phone.
NOTE: $10 per month late charge after 30-days without payment. We do not want your ECU, but do expect payment within 1-month on service you requested. After 3-months without payment, your ECU will unfortunately be forfeited.
Warning: Warning: the excess power from a tuning can produce other risks. Riders experience an adrenaline rush and may operate the SeaDoo beyond it's limits, also, tuning is not intended for old engines that could blow a valve or other part. We are not responsible when SeaDoo's are not operated or maintained properly.
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